again and a-gain was established in October 2007 following a recognition that the market for packaging fruit and vegetables in-store relied solely on disposable, single-use thin plastic bags or packaging.

With the Government campaign for healthier lifestyles through encouraging the eating of ‘5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day‘ there was an opportunity to offer a packaging solution to improve the use of scarce resources and at the same time offer the shopper encouragement towards healthy eating. The …take5 (trademark) range was developed.

Within 3 months of beeing established the product idea had won the Fife Regional Award for the Best Business Idea for Start-Up Companies, jointly sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland and Scottish Enterprise National. This brought in prize money and both newspaper and television coverage. Following this the Company was also a Scotland finalist and UK Regional finalist in the HSBC Start-Up Stars 2008.

The principal aim of our products is to offer a convenient solution to shoppers who choose to minimise waste by offering a fully reusable set of bags. There has been an increasing trend towards reusable bags and public awareness and demand for these has grown, but there are very limited alternatives for the single use, thin HDPE bag or paper bag offered free at fruit and vegetable counters.

Our range of products combines reusability with strength and an increasing range and variety of designs to appeal to shoppers. The products are carefully designed, robustly made and attractively priced…